AR-15 Muzzle Device Comparison – Night

There are a number of muzzle devices available to the AR-15 shooter, ranging from a $5 A2 flash hider to exotic suppressor mounts in the $400 range. I’ve collected some of the more popular examples and taken video of their performance at night on two different rifles – one in 5.45×39 and one in 5.56×45. The video will do most of my talking.

Within the week, I hope to complete a similar comparison during the day, which will focus on different attributes of the devices.

I must apologize – several video files were corrupted and I was unable to add them – namely, the performance of the PWS FSC556 on the 5.56 rifle and the performance of the PWS TTO on the 5.56 rifle while night vision equipment was being used. However, their performance with the 5.45 rifle is in the video.

Edit 1/2/10: I’ve completed a video taken from the shooter’s perspective, or as close to it as I could get.