Black Hills Blue Box .223 On Clearance

MidwayUSA has Black Hills Blue Box 68gr BTHP on clearance for $23.88/50 (down from $36.49/50). That’s about the same price as Prvi Partizan match ammunition. I’ve used this stuff with great results.

FN SCAR Operator's Manual

FN SCAR Manual – Everything you need to know to operate the magical weapons “family” that is the FN SCAR-L, SCAR-H, and EGLM.

Sionics Carbine Followup

I’ve been working on a lot of stuff lately, and will post some of that “stuff” soon, but I need to take care of a number of reviews or comments that I should have posted months or weeks ago first….

Video Interview with First Living MOH Recipient since the Vietnam War

Found on another site – definitely worth the 14 minutes.

November 11th

I’d like to offer a big “thank you” to all those who have served and are currently serving in the Armed Forces. Click here for the history of this day. It seems to be observed with even more fervor in…

Sig P226 X-Five Tactical

I had originally intended to make a video about this pistol, but my CPU is now overheating whenever I ask it to process video. Until I can get that sorted out, here’s a (fairly) brief article. The P226 X-Five Tactical…

Photography Practice

Photography Practice

I’ve invested a fair amount of money in some photographic equipment, and have turned a spare bedroom into a studio. That’s what’s been occupying a lot of my time lately. However, this will allow me to present higher quality images…

FN SCAR-16S High Speed Close Up

Only about two months after it was promised to a few people.