Vuurwapen Blog - Now With More African Revolution News

Vuurwapen Blog – Now With More African Revolution News

Don’t worry, I’m still here. “Here” at the moment is Tunisia. I went to Libya briefly (do not have much to report there). I also photographed the refugee camps inside Tunisia and do believe that I have a story to…

Finished at IWA

Lots of cool stuff from IWA that will be posted soon, and there are some exciting things to come. Check out my video about the relevance of hunting and competition shotguns to the tactical realm over on TFB (also includes…


Interviewed Rob Leatham with Springfield Armory and Safariland about pistol shooting and Woody Woodall of Lothar-Walther about barrel manufacturing. Interviewing Mr. Anschutz in 10 minutes. Videos will be posted on TFB.

IWA Entertainment

IWA Entertainment

There was not a piano player at SHOT.

IWA 2011 Coverage

The cat is out of the bag. I am in Europe to cover IWA and several other exciting things. Full coverage will be on The Firearm Blog, but I will be posting brief updates here on Vuurwapen Blog. I am…

Where in the World...

Where in the World…

Can anyone identify where I am? (Keep an eye on The Firearm Blog for more info over the next few weeks).

Vltor Photos

Vltor Weapon Systems is probably best known for its excellent AR stock series: the original Modstock, the EMod (Enhanced Modstock), and the IMod (Improved Modstock). It’s also known for the MUR and VIS AR-15 upper receivers and the CASV handguard….

SKD 40% Off Sale

In the last few weeks, I’ve been purging/unsubscribing from a vast number of email subscriptions, which has really made it easier for me to respond to important emails. One of the subscriptions I didn’t dump, though, was SKD Tactical, and…

7.62×25 Barrel Problems

Although this is a problem I haven’t experienced, some other folks apparently have – case head separations with surplus Tokarev ammo in the J&G 1911 conversion barrels. J&G is handling the issue with replacement barrels for those who want them….

How to Choose a Concealed Carry Handgun – The Basics

Choosing a concealed carry firearm can be a daunting task, often involving trips to various gun stores, consultations with friends that own firearms, late-night internet forum browsing, and possibly asking a spouse how much money one is allowed to spend….