Kahr CW45 Initial Impressions

After 24 hours with the Kahr CW45, here are my initial thoughts. For $355 shipped, it looks like a great deal. It’s not for the faint of wrist, though.

I'm Thankful For a Good Shooting Range

At the moment, I feel blessed to have a great range near where I live. The facilities are basic, but that’s just fine with me – and the ranges themselves are generously sized, allowing me to shoot while moving if…

The Citizen's Armory Has a New Website

After a site update rendered the “shopping cart” portion of his webstore, The Citizen’s Armory, useless, my good friend “Two-Liver” had to manually create a new site, which took a week to complete. I’m happy to report that everything’s back…

.22 Rimfire Comparison

Back to “ye olde format” for this video, but I’ll probably do a mix of “new” and “old” in the future. A long time ago, I was able to shoot .22s very well, because that was pretty much all I…

BLM Hastily Decides Not to Restrict Shooting on Public Land, Sort Of

As a followup to yesterday’s post, “Odie” pointed me to a new article on US News regarding BLM and public shooting. As it turns out, the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding, according to BLM.

BLM Moves to Restrict Shooting on Public Land

While this might not be of much interest to my international viewers, who might be puzzled to find that Americans can simply find a desolate spot in the wilderness and shoot to their heart’s content, it should make a lot…

Safeway/Wounded Warrior Project

Just a heads up – If you have a Safeway grocery store in your area, you can make a contribution to the Wounded Warrior Project at checkout. I’m behind the curve, and this ends today. Sorry for the late notice.

My First Firearm Purchase in 14 Months…a Ruger SR9?

I must be out of my mind. I had a good streak going – no firearms purchases since September 2010. However, all good things must come to an end, and the vehicle of my no-buying-streak’s destruction is a Ruger SR9….

Sig Continues Series of Embarrassing Pistol Tender Failures

Last year, Sig Sauer’s P250 lost the ATF handgun tender because of significant reliability issues. Sig’s response was to improve the pistol – no, wait, their response was to appeal to the GAO, saying in part that the ATF put…

For its 236th Birthday, the USMC Wants to Buy FMF Corpsmen a Gift

In case you didn’t know, the Marine Corps was founded 236 years ago today, November 10, 1775, when Captain Samuel Nicholas was authorized to raise two battalions of Marines. Naturally, his first move was to go to a place called…