Firearm News – April 2012

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My Message to Gun Store Employees Everywhere

I describe a few things I think gun store employees should be aware of.

Glock Ejection Issues & Fixes

Glock has introduced a new ejector for some of their handguns, including the Gen 4 9mm pistols. The modified ejector is supposed to fix some of the reliability problems that have plagued the Glock Gen 4 from its introduction –…

My Thoughts on Firearm & "Tactical" Marketing

My Thoughts on Firearm & "Tactical" Marketing

Recently, I have noticed somewhat of a backlash against what was once perceived as a “cool” product or service; there has always been an undercurrent of resentment against the more expensive gear in any market segment, but this movement seems…

I Took A Nap And Woke Up In An Alternate Universe Where Remington Makes M4s For The Military

GearScout has more info on the strange, strange news of the Army’s order from Remington of 24,000 M4A1s, as part of an IDIQ (indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity) contract of up to 120,000 carbines.

East St. Louis, Illinois at Night

While in St. Louis, Missouri for the NRA show, I decided to avoid the lavish parties – mostly because I wasn’t invited to them – and take a stroll across the river in order to photograph East St. Louis, Illinois….

Preparing for Medical Emergencies

Here’s a guest post I wrote on the topic of preparing for medical emergencies. Special thanks to my fellow Corpsmen, especially Derek, who assisted with comments and ideas as I wrote the post.

My Letter to an AK Manufacturer

This email was sent to the contact address on the Colorado Gun Sales website on 3/21/12; no response has been received. To whom it may concern, I recently purchased one of your M10 rifles in 5.45 from AIM Surplus. It…

Military Poser Award Citation Ideas

After seeing a few photos of fake Marines recently, an 0351 friend and I bounced ideas off of each other for the details behind the awards some of these wonderful people choose to wear. You see, some of the ribbons…

Performance Under Stress

In this video, I relate some of the lessons I’ve learned about performance under stress, and how to improve my chances of survival in a dangerous situation. In order to provide a background for the opinions I have formed, I…