Do Women Really Want Pink Guns?

It seems I can’t walk in to a gun store without encountering some sort of pink firearm. That’s not to say that they haven’t been around for years – first it was the Crickett rifle, which is small and cute, and probably makes sense in pink, because it’s not like 5 year old girls can fill out a 4473 and buy a gun. Their parents make those choices for them.

But when it comes to pink carry handguns, I start to wonder.

Are women buying these guns? Or are their husbands, boyfriends, and so on buying them a pink gun in the hopes that this will suddenly make them want to carry? I don’t know that I understand that approach. If they’re interested in shooting or self-defense, it shouldn’t take a pink gun to push them over the edge – or should it? I’m a boy, I don’t know these things.

If I was a girl and my significant other bought this gun for me, I would break up with them.

I do know that, anecdotally, I see and hear of far more interest in pink guns from men than women. Not that they are all gay dudes looking to buy them (there must be a few, after all, there is an advocacy group called the Pink Pistols), but it seems like an excuse for a male to buy a gun for a female partner more than something that truly makes the firearm appeal to a woman.

I asked about how to make firearms appeal to women a few months back and the answers I got made a lot of sense, but were not ones that I would have come up with when thinking about the subject, because again, I am not a girl. The basic theme seemed to be that firearms were empowering and helped women feel that they could stand on their own. This is a worthy idea and one I wholeheartedly support – but is making the gun pink going to help this, or just sell more guns, cause be damned?

What do my female readers think about this?