Two Reasons Why Recoil Magazine Actually Sucks

Okay, seemingly everyone on the interwebs is talking about how the editor of Recoil Magazine said that civilians shouldn’t own stuff like the HK MP7; his “retraction” was even worse, a rambling attempt to weasel out of the statement and a weak connection between supporting the troops and not wanting civilians to get their hands on MP7s.

Here is a photograph of me holding two of them. In my hands.

That’s great and all, but it misses the real point. Recoil (sorry, RECOIL) sucked as a magazine long before this MP7 fiasco. I commented on this a while back, but here’s why in (brief) detail.

- The people involved in the creation of this magazine were not “gun people” and were not smart enough to hire gun people from the start to not only create content for them, but educate them on how gun people think. A fundamental lack of understanding of gun culture was very obvious from the first issue on. The editor described himself as a firearm “enthusiast.” That’s nice. I’m a boob enthusiast, but I’m not about to become editor of Playboy.

- The articles were written for morons. One issue of Recoil had an article about personal defense in urban areas several months back. The concepts discussed should have been known to anyone capable of tying their own shoes. And they asked Travis Haley for his input – other than being a celebrity to some in the gun world, what expertise does he have on this topic? Why was he consulted, along with other gun world celebs, instead of people like Gavin de Becker? Anthony Bourdain is likely to be a more authoritative source on urban safety for the average person.

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got. Have a nice day.