SOCOM Has Defective Body Armor

So there’s this site called GearScout, and it’s run by a real journalist named Rob Curtis.

Rob Curtis

Using his keen sense of journalistic smell, he discovered that SOCOM’s armor plates are defective. “They don’t stop bullets” defective, not “they might discolor in sunlight” defective.

The solution is…well there really is no solution. Bad plates are being identified through the highly scientific method of SOCOM dudes tapping their plates before every mission and listening for a “ting” instead of a “thud.” Yes, every mission. The problem is described as a “latent delamination defect.”

Which means that this defect just…happens. Randomly. Without warning, your body armor might come apart from the inside. While you’re asleep, or maybe ten seconds after you “test” it.

So while you’re emerging from a Thanksgiving food coma, men with amazing beards are going on DA hits with body armor that may or may not work.

Just something to think about.