The Remington R51 Is Bigger Than You Think

The Remington R51 Is Bigger Than You Think

I was excited to see the Remington R51 at SHOT, but then I saw it, and was no longer excited.

Two reasons why.

1. Remington didn’t bring any to Media Day (which, considering that they’ve had them at media events before, means only one thing: that the current iteration of pistols aren’t reliable enough)
2. It’s bigger than you’ve been led to believe.


See? It’s huge.

I made these comments on the blog’s Facebook page, and shared a photo of the R51 next to a 1911. People told me I was wrong, and that it was smaller than I was saying, because they read something on the internet. They even linked this site which purportedly offers a size comparison of the R51 and popular pistols. Here’s the R51 versus the Glock 42.

Well, here’s the R51 next to a 1911.


And here’s the Glock 42 next to my Benchmade Mini-Griptilian, which has a 6.78″ overall length.


And here’s the Remington R51 next to said Mini-Griptilian.


These aren’t a perfect comparison, but my best guess is that the R51 is between 5/8″ and 3/4″ longer than those diagrams (and their related specifications, which claim 6″) show. If you look at the overall size of the pistol in those diagrams – and maybe this is only apparent to me because I’ve held the R51 – but it looks very wrong. Just the opening for the trigger guard, compared to the other pistols, looks way too small for human hands. Unless you shoot with your pinkie.