I served in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman – HM2 (FMF). I was first in my class at Hospital Corps School and given my choice of assignments. I selected First Marine Division and was sent to the 5th Marine Regiment after Field Medical Service School (FMSS).  From there, I was assigned to the regimental commander’s PSD platoon.

I deployed once, to Fallujah, Iraq, in 2006, and spent 11 months there. In addition to PSD, I worked for Scouts, Tanks, Tracks, and other units, including an Army MP Company. During that time I took part in over 200 mounted and dismounted patrols throughout Anbar province, functioning not only as a Corpsman but also as a vehicle commander, electronic countermeasures dude, and dismounted security.

After I was honorably discharged, I returned to finish my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona. I have acted as a technical consultant to major firearm and ammunition manufacturers. I now provide photo and video services to various companies within the outdoor industry. I also teach carbine and handgun shooting courses.

Anyone interested in contacting me may do so via email at a@vuurwapenconcepts.com.

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  1. Monte Cristo
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    Steel cut or instant oats?

  2. Mike
    Mike at · Reply

    This seems like a great opportunity to talk to everyone about the numerous benefits of a plant-based diet!

    1. 2hotel9
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      I love plants mixed with my beef, pork or chicken! Especially green beans.

  3. 2hotel9
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    Andrew! Glad to see you don’t skimp on your boiled wheat dishes. As anyone with class knows instant oatmeal is ONLY for making meatloaf. And sometimes to bulk out hamburger patties.

  4. Rubio Negro
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    Origin of the name? I know it’s Dutch (or Afrikaans) for “firearm”, but I was wondering why you chose it. I think you answered this somewhere but I couldn’t find the answer.

    1. Rubio Negro
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      Never mind, found the answer in one of your YouTube videos. Thanks!

  5. Mark J. Harrigan
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    I find your video’s on AR-15 platform rifles and 12 gauge shot guns very informative and helpful. You are a great resource. Thanks for serving. Marines are good people. I am also a former Navy Corpsman (Deep-Sea Diving Medical Tech).

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